Floris Delée

Brewmaster & Process Engineer

Floris started his career in brewing as an intern at the Alken Maes Breweries in Waarloos, Belgium. During this time, he was also studying to become a Brewmaster and Brewing Engineer in his hometown of Antwerp, Belgium. After completion of his studies, he traveled to the U.S. to visit friends, when he was offered a brewing position at New Belgium Brewing Company. At the time, New Belgium was a very small craft brewery, producing 3,000 hl of beer/year.

At New Belgium, Floris worked his way up from entry level engineer to Technical Director, leading the design and engineering departments. He was instrumental in the success and growth of the brewery. During his 10 years, New Belgium Brewing Company became famous for its innovative designs and sustainable brewing practices.

Floris also worked as a Brewmaster for Dogfish Head Brewery in Delaware and as a Brewing Engineer for the Anton Steinecker Maschinenfabrik, GmbH in Freising, Germany. Floris also teaches at Colorado State University's Fermentation Science and Technology Program. He is married to Christine Perich and they live with their children in Fort Collins, Colorado.

To reach Floris directly please email floris@kathinka-assoc.com.


Lauren Sandell

Kathinka Lab Manager & Kombucha Queen

Lauren is a graduate of Colorado State University, and earned summa cum laude in a B.S. in Fermentation Science and Technology and a minor in Food Safety. During her time at CSU, she was involved as the President of the Food and Fermentation Science Club, served as a Teaching Assistant for a Brewing Processes course, acted as a tutor and mentor for international students, and interned with three different food/beverage companies. She is enthusiastic in fields relating to kombucha, beer and brewing, microbiology, winemaking, food science, and fermentation.

  • TTB Certified Chemist
  • Master Brewers Association of the Americas – Member
  • Institute of Brewing & Distilling – Certificate in Brewing Science, Member

To reach Lauren her directly please email lauren@kathinka-assoc.com.