Brewery Design & Process Engineering

Kathinka Engineering designs sustainable, innovative breweries and brewing processes that allow owners and brewers to make the best beers possible based on European traditions and technology mixed with the inspiration and energy of the robust U.S. craft brewing industry. Maintaining the consistency and quality of your beer while increasing production and efficiency is one of our main goals. Our services include:

  • Project development, scope definition and project management
  • Audit and evaluation
  • New product development
  • Beer recipe design and development
  • Master planning for sites and processes
  • Tendering
We try to help our clients by deepening their bench with skills that they don’t have or where they feel they need support.
— Floris Delée, Principal

Sustainability Analysis

At Kathinka, we see sustainability as a set of values. It concentrates on finding the processes that have the best efficiency, that use intelligent solutions that are respectful to the desired resources. That creates a healthy social and ecological atmosphere for the people involved. A truly good sustainable design creates a balance that increases social, economic and environmental vitality. It is not a myth that well designed sustainable processes promise real cash savings. We believe it is our responsibility because our client’s brewery footprint of today affects their customers of tomorrow! Our sustainability services include:

  • Water use and re-use technology
  • Water recycling projects
  • Water quality and process water treatment
  • Renewable energy applications
  • Overall sustainability analysis and project design

Asset Evaluation

Our extensive experience and deep knowledge about national and international brewing industries makes us a trusted advisor. Our services related to asset evaluation include: 

  • Target setting and benchmarking
  • Investment planning
  • Costing of production processes
  • Industry comparisons

Lab Services

Kathinka Labs is a full-service, TTB certified analytical lab. We work with brewers, maltsters, kombucha brewers, cideries, and distillers who are in need of analytical lab services that are high-quality, accurate and fast. Our lab services include:

  • Analytical lab services for brewers, maltsters, cider makers and distillers
  • Microbiological services
  • QA/QC Consulting

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