Happy American Craft Beer Week!


This week, May 15-21, 2017, Americans are celebrating all things craft beer during American Craft Beer Week. People are brewing, drinking, visiting their favorite breweries, and celebrating the fermented beverage that brings joy to so many of our lives. And, not only is this a time to celebrate craft beer, it is a time to celebrate the thousands of small and independent brewers nationwide who dedicate their lives to brewing beer.

With more than 5,300 breweries now operating in the U.S., this is an exciting time for craft beer. According to craftbeer.com, almost all of these breweries (99%) are small and independent. Although growth of the industry has slowed, the Brewers Association’s 2016 Annual Report states, “Small and independent craft brewers saw a six percent rise in volume and accounted for more than 12 percent market share in the beer industry in 2016.”


This is an important time for our industry. The landscape is becoming more competitive. At Kathinka, we believe that brewing consistently good, high-quality beer is more important than ever for the “craft beer” brand. To compete, breweries need to produce beers that differentiate themselves. During this week of celebration, we encourage you to invest in quality control. Make good decisions in your brewery based on science. Brew beer that makes everyone in the craft beer industry proud. And, most importantly, love what you do. We can taste the love. Cheers!

Find an American Craft Beer Week event near you at www.americancraftbeerweek.com.

Floris Delee