Support Sonoma Pride!

Our friends in Sonoma County recently experienced one of the most devastating fires in California state history, destroying thousands of homes and taking many innocent lives. Sonoma County is home to Russian River Brewing Co., owned and operated by our friends and clients, Vinnie and Natalie Cilurzo. Vinnie and Natalie are currently helping to raise funds for relief efforts and we hope you will consider supporting this important cause.

Sonoma Pride was originally conceptualized by Natalie and Vinnie Cilurzo in July 2015 to celebrate the bounty and greatness of Sonoma County.  Since that time, two beers (Amasa and Dauenhauer) have lived under the Sonoma Pride brand as an annual release at the Russian River Brewing Company brewpub.  Under the dire circumstances Sonoma County is facing post-fires, Natalie and Vinnie have redirected the use of the Sonoma Pride name to help those in need after the tragic fires in Sonoma County.  Instead of re-brewing Amasa and Dauenhauer (which have long production times) they are simply brewing a beer called Sonoma Pride to help those in need.

To learn more and to support the victims of the wildfires in Sonoma County please visit

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Floris Delee