brewers, process engineers and consultants


We are proud to be brewers.

Kathinka Engineering, Inc. designs sustainable, innovative breweries and brewing processes that allow owners­ and brewers to make the best beers possible based on European traditions and technology mixed with the inspiration and energy of the U.S. craft brewing industry. 

The Kathinka team, led by Floris Delée, consults and designs for breweries throughout the Caribbean, North and Central America, and Belgium. Recent Kathinka projects include the new Avery brewery in Boulder, Colorado, the second New Belgium brewery in Asheville, North Carolina, the new Russian River brewery in Windsor, California, the Karbach Brewery in Houston, Texas, and ongoing consulting for Belize Brewing Company in Central America. Kathinka Engineering also owns and operates Kathinka Labs, using analytical lab services and microbiological analysis to support our clients.


Our Principles

We design intelligent and sustainable process solutions for the brewing industry based on the following principles:

01. Innovation

We blend years of brewing experience, European tradition, and the innovative spirit of the American craft brewing market throughout our design process.

02. Sustainability

We concentrate on designing the most efficient processes using intelligent solutions that are respectful to the desired resources.  A truly good sustainable design creates a balance that increases social, economic, and environmental vitality.

03. Professionalism

We pride ourselves on being productive and efficient, producing high-quality work with integrity.


"An invasion of armies can be resisted, but not an idea whose time has come." 

- Victor Hugo


Why Choose Kathinka?

We at Kathinka believe that the future is not about making more but rather about making things better. We are an intelligent engineering firm that can partner and help you brew better beer while reducing your breweries footprint without compromising your quality or accepting any of the lowest common denominators. So, why wait?

To that, we toast!



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